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Collection Systems For Welding Smoke, Oil Mist, Oil Smoke, Dust Based, and More For Educational Welding Labs and Industrial Companies


Used by some of the top manufacturing facilities and educational welding labs around the United States, Canada, Mexico, and around the world for their industrial air filtration and educational welding lab filtration to create crystal clean air in their facility all while saving on energy costs. We at Clean Air specialize in welding booths, smoke and dust collectors, oil mist collectors, oil smoke collectors, laser and plasma cutting collectors, robotic welding filtration, along with custom engineered solutions specific for your application. Our design, manufacturing, and R&D team are dedicated to innovation and finding new more effective ways to provide you with a premium filtration system.




Welding: Clean Air America, Inc. Offers the widest variety of welding smoke filtration systems on the market: From small source capture systems, to full welding booths, complex hoods up to 300' long and ducted systems, to different ambient air solutions. Our welding smoke removal solutions are designed to help maintain a clean work environment to protect your workers, facility equipment, and you!

Oil Mist & Oil Smoke: Today’s highly efficient manufacturing processes in the metal fabrication industry produces very high concentrations of aerosols (mist, smoke and particles). Clean Air Zero Mist™ oil mist and oil smoke solutions are typically used in: metal cutting, cold rolling, hot forming, cold forging, curing and other processes where oil mist and oil smoke is generated.

Plasma and Laser Cutting: Plasma and laser cutting is unique and cannot be handled by just any smoke collector or dust collector.  The Clean Air CutCell plasma/laser cutting solution was designed for these conditions in mind to allow for superior performance.

Dust Applications: Clean Air America Can engineer a solution for your wood, fiberglass, paper dust, grinding, and other dust removal needs.  The Clean Air Smart Collector utilizes Smart Flow Technology and range in size from out smallest collector, the SC2, to our largest the SC48.