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Collection Systems For Welding Smoke, Oil Mist, Oil Smoke, Grinding Dust, and More For Educational Welding Labs and Industiral Companies

The go to source for industrial air filtration and educational welding lab filtration by some of the largest manufacturing faciliies and educational training centres around the United States and Canada.  Specializing in manual welding smoke, robotic welding smoke, grinding dust, oil mist, oil smoke, and laser/plasma cutting, Clean Air America offers complete turnkey systems such as welding booths, collector systems, oil mist collectors, laser and plasma cutting collector, robotic welding filtration cells, and more.  Clean Air’s design, manufacturing, and R&D teams continuously improve the specialty units and complete systems that eliminate welding smoke, grinding dust, oil mist, oil smoke, and more from the air to create crystal clean air that is returned to the facility.





"One Stop Shop" For All Your Welding Smoke and Oil Mist Collector Filtration Needs

Offering 100% complete turn key solutions, Clean Air can provide you with everything you need to filter your air to create crystal clean air; from the unit, to custom system designs/layouts, duct, installation, and support after the system is installed.  No other company in the United States designs, manufactures, sales, and supports all their products offering you, the consumer, factory direct pricing and excellent customer support for all you service needs and questions.   Our highly skilled engineering staff have designed the largest industrial air filtration systems in the United States, so no project is too large for a complete turnkey solution for your company. We offer a high performance energy saving solutions for welding smoke, dust, oil mist, odor control, and more. Backed by excellent customer service and performance guarantees our systems are designed keep up in a 24/7 manufacturing environment.  Let our dedicated sale team help you figure out what will be best for you.

Featured Product

Clean Air WeldStation LEAF


Since it's introduction in the late 90's, the Clean Air WeldStation has become the go to unit for colleges, high schools, unions, and other welding training facilities to create a state-of-the-art welding facility. With no duct work needed, installation and expansion become easy to do with no worry about undersizing a collector or not being able to move concrete booths.  These booths are your complete welding booth solution by containing your booth, table, light, and fume extraction system all in one unit.  Two large inlets at the back of the booth draw fumes and particles away from the welder instead of through their breathing area, the preferred ACGIH method of extraction.  This also elminates the need to move a fume arm to the welding spot every time you go to another area to weld since the intakes can draw smoke from anywhere on the table no matter if its extended out or not.  With over units in over 250 welding labs across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, there's no doubt that the Clean Air WeldStation is the premier welding booth solution on the market.





Featured Customer Testimonials


"We love the way the system works, the fume arms are easy to move and the smoke is removed from the operators breathing zone."
- Leading Manufacturer of bus frames in Anniston, AL

“And let me say that the place looked terrific and that all our plant's management levels, the company's Board of Directors AND the owner of the company were very impressed.”
 - Facilities Manager Axle Manufacturing


"We chose the Clean Air WeldStation 5 because it works perfectly to keep clean the entire weld lab, which operates five days/week from 7AM - 9PM. By utilizing these weld stations, we were able to meet the Gold Certification for LEED buildings and guarantee a superior quality for our indoor environment."
- John Goss, advisor, South Puget Sound Community College Welding Program



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